give communication to the voiceless

Who we are

We represent “ give communication to the voiceless” - a project that develops software for people with motion and speech disorders. Our programs create an alternative way of communication.

Our goal

Our goal is helping people with speech disorders, as communication is a human necessity.

Ask yourself a rhetorical question, “If tomorrow you are taken away either ability to move or to speak, what would you choose?”

We believe it is essential for every human to be able to communicate. Whether it is a “healthy” person, someone who lost the speaking abilities after a heart attack or other circumstances or to those who are speech disabled by birth.

Our software helps also helps to fully disabled people who can only press one button.

Who are we?

The project has been founded be me, Ivan A. Bakaidov. I am developing software as well as use and promote alternative communication in St.Petersburg, Russia and the whole world. I was a speaker at the humanitarian summit of the United Nations in Istanbul. I believe it is highly important that thanks to the modern technologies everyone can communicate. You can read about my life here.

Me, Ekaterina Arturovna Selemenova, project manager for “ give communication to the voiceless”. I am happy to answer all your questions regarding our software. You may find my contacts in “Contacts” section of the website.

What we have already developed:

We are doing business

Our software is used in “Dynamika” school as well as in some families. Me and Ekaterina use DisType in our lives. You can read about our software usage experience on our website.

It's free!

Please note, all our software is free, however we are always happy to accept your donations.