About me

So who am I?

My name is Ivan Bacaidov, I am 17 years old and I have cerebral palsy and dysarthria, a specific motor speech disorder. I almost don't speak, only after prolonged time spent with me you may understand some basic words I am pronouncing. Being a child I got into the Early Intervention Institute (St.Petersburg, Russia). My family has been taught to have alternative conversations with me via pictures and gestures. They say with my locomotorium disorders I managed to master the gestures was tremendously successful.

How have I learned programming software for communication?

In our school there is extended day program, I come there after my boccia training, to rehydrate myself and get some food. There I met Lina and she has struck some chord within me. Once I have seen how she communicates with an assistant when she has her Math exercises and in summer, when there is plenty of free time, I have decided to put those methods into a code interpretation, switching assistant to computer with a button. This approach seemed to be just a method to my madness, but it turned out to be an essential tool in Lina's school group.

So what's next?

My second program DisType for Android tablet is just making voice over printed text. It can also remember high-usage words. I usually use paper keyboard (see presentations), but there are cases when it is not really convenient. I have a friend: Sasha Urvacheva. She drives me to concerts and during the trip from my house to the Ice Hockey Palace she wants to talk to me. But curiously enough she has to drive. That's why I have created an application that translated printed text to voice. I have realised that all my phrases are almost the same. I have realised some common phrases are the basis of conversation. And then why should I print the same all the time? I have enabled saving already pronounced phrases. And sorting by frequency of the use. Oh yes, during this time I have overcome the fear of Java and created DisTalk.

My third program - DisTalk is similar to GoTalk, a popular device for disabled people. DisTalk offers to use pictures/pictograms. Unlike any analogues, it is available in Russia. Everything is pretty simple. Software can build picture matrix from DisTalk folder on a table. And when the picture is selected it reads the file name.

Nowadays rather often I am invited to events dedicated to alternative communications. This makes me happy, because I feel assertiveness because my work is important for someone.

In may 2016 I was a speaker at the humanitarian summit of the United Nations in Istanbul.


I am also doing olympic sport - boccia. My biggest achievement in this sport - a silver medal on Russian championship in 2015. You can find out what is boccia in this video:


I am really fond of tricycle. It is a three-wheeled bile by KMX company, Cobra model. It is very stable and robust.

It gives me ability to drive on my own on very big distances (my record - 38 km. Max speed - 42 km/h). And freedom and independence are very important for me.

These things make me such a character, a sort of a "hero".

Find out more

about my developments you can find here: Projects page.