Platform for people with severe human musculoskeletal system disorders who can only push one button.

How does it work?

The main idea: user can push only one button. The screen displays Russian keyboard. With customisable frequency the strings become black. When the needed string becomes black a person should push the button. The choice will move to the string and the letters will be highlighted by turns. When the needed letter is highlighted one should push the button and the letter will be selected and displayed, the cycle will start from it's beginning.

What is keyboards are difficult?

Children who were helping me developing this keyboard, unfortunately, are not yet very goof and writing, so together with their teacher we have decided to switch keyboards to words. This is according to the methodology of Glen Doman. For the teacher to be able to produce the words sets I have created a language to program the sets. It is described on the page DisQwerty and on GitHub. Links are below.

No, the words are difficult. Give us the pictures.

Mastering writing for voiceless children is rather challenging. To simplify the educational process I offer to use pictures on buttons.