This software lets you transfer printed text to voice and save partial phrases. Created specially for people with speech disorders.

Why have I created this software?

I have a friend: Sasha Urvacheva. She drives me to concerts and during the trip from my house to the Ice Hockey palace she wants to talk to me. But curiously enough she has to drive. That's why I have created an application that translated printed text to voice.

And then what:

I have realised that all my phrases are almost the same. Oh yes, I am a very boring person, all the time similar phrases. And then why should I print the same all the time? I have created saving the phrases. And sorting by frequency of the use.


Version for PC

To launch application launch and unpack DisType PC. Launch DisType.jar. To launch it on your computer make sure Java is installed. You can download the latest Java version here: https://www.java.com/ru/download/ .